What exactly is SOCAL?

So I’m back from Southern California or SOCAL as they call it!

I’ve brought with me a really bad head cold – I couldn’t taste the fantastic curry my wife had prepared and everything sounds like I have my hands over my ears.!

My body clock is screwed. It’s midnight, feels like midday and I’m sitting here, on my Technogym ball, writing this post to you all!

I’m also ten pages into my travelogue of my recent motorbike ride around SOCAL – 600 miles in nearly 3 days and we survived it! Survived what?  Oh, you’re going to need to read my travelogue, if I ever finish it to find out the goss!

So, whats going in on my life at the moment.?

Well, the Slough ice rink in Berkshire is planning to close in nine months time where I spend a lot of my time. There appears to be no provision for a temporary rink whilst the current one is being refurbished. That’s serious bad news and we have to sort this out for all the SPICE members that rely on me to fix things!!  ‘Ricci will make it all right’ said one SPICE member this morning!  No pressure then!

Terry Wogan has just passed away. A real stalwart of radio and of BBC CIN who have supported SPICE for many years. It’s still January 2016 and we’ve already lost DJ ,Ed Stewart,  David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Terry Wogan and Glenn Frey, founder of the Eagles – not a great start to 2016!

If you’re reading this, I’ve managed to work out how to post in my WordPress account.  To those you who are still using Drupal. Move over to WordPress and get your life back!

I’m also assuming that you know what SPICE is. If you don’t, head over to www.spiceskating.org to find out more.

36 years ago, I was in a band that was signed to Rocket Records called Arrogant. As I write, there is a very slim chance that we may reform!

Here’s to February 2016, whatever you may hold instore for us all!



Author: Ricci H

Musician, Ice skater, Francophile, Harley rider, photographer et al! Life's too short for all the things that interest me!!

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