If It Ain’t Broke!!

Every Christmas I have a few days off. During that time, when it may be a bit too cold or wet to go out for a ride on my bike, I turn my attention to my website.

A message in the admin area always catches my attention – please update to the latest version as there are security vulnerabilities, yada, yada yada!!  Okay, so I start tinkering with the back end of the site which incidentally, is created in Drupal.

Now, to be honest, a good friend of mine created it with me sitting at his side nodding that I understood what he was doing – he got me on the Drupal bus! (Thanks Jules!)

This Christmas was no exception. Turkey, mince pies and website tweaking!  This time though, when I say that I broke it, I mean that I really broke it!  Like really really broke it.  ‘Well surely you backed up the database and could execute some Mysql command to get it all back?’ I hear you say?

Well, no and so I ditched it. I decided that there would no more messing about with Drupal and not fully understanding how to tweak the CSS or even run updates in maintenance mode.  I took the plunge and built a new site in WordPress.

I have to say that I’ve been really impressed with the simplicity of WordPress, the tons of useful plugins that are available, and ‘touch wood’ we’re rocking!

You’ll find my new website at http://www.spiceskating.org and I’d be really grateful if you’d check it out and if you like it, please leave a comment.

SPICE website

Next Christmas, I think I’ll put my name down for some overtime!!


Author: Ricci H

Musician, Ice skater, Francophile, Harley rider, photographer et al! Life's too short for all the things that interest me!!

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